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salvia glass

Salvia Glass is a small business creating unique products combining fused glass and calligraphy. They make gorgeous cards and glass gifts to give to the people you love.

The Brand Story: Handmade with Heart
Thoughtful gifts lovingly handmade in Surrey, bought by people to show they care.

In the icon, the brand truth of handmade with heart is bought to life with the heart icon nestled between the S and the G.

The elegance of the mark coupled with the warm colour palette creates a friendly and positive brand. It is both premium in its elegance and accessible with the pairing of a more modern typeface ensuring legibility and clarity.

Alongside the primary identity, a stamped roundel was created in order to show the artisan behind the brand to further iterate the handmade credentials.

A brand style guide was created alongside social media design templates in order to ensure consistency in the brand application giving Salvia Glass the tools, confidence and inspiration to create their own social media content.

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