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At K-A Creative the design process is a collaborative one and you will be involved at every stage of the process. 


Firstly we will get to know your brand by asking a series of questions. In discovering your unique brand story, we can establish a memorable and meaningful design for the brand. 


Once we have an idea of the scale of the project and agree the deliverables we can establish a timeline and set a deadline on which all assets will be delivered and signed off. 


The process may differ for each individual project but generally speaking we would aim to deliver at least 3 options of brand mark and identity at the first stage. Usually we would focus on a couple of examples of how the brand identity will look potentially covering off a digital and a printed design, but these can be agreed beforehand. With feedback we will progress to work on just one design route delving deeper into the design. There would then be a round of amends to ensure you are completely happy before finally the assets are prepared and delivered along with a style guide, which will act as a lasting reference of the design decisions made. 

The Brand Style Guide 

This typically includes: 

How to use the brand mark (logo)

How and when to use variations of the brand mark (logo)

Font selection 

Colour palette (digital and print)

Icons and illustration* 

Photography art direction *

•if appropriate

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